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For most people, owning a home is (or will be) the largest investment they ever make.  However, all too often, buyers and sellers of real estate hire an attorney only after signing a contract and setting a sales price.  If buyers later think they paid too much or sellers think they accepted too little, a lawyer can't come in and void the contract on price, alone.  Get Rodin Legal involved early - before you sign any contracts or agree to any price.  Many real estate contract terms are negotiable.  Rodin Legal can explain how these terms affect you and negotiate them favorably on your behalf.


Should you be working with a realator or real estate agent, Rodin Legal will work cooperatively with that person or firm to facilitate a smooth transaction.  If and when a fair deal is negotiated and a contract is signed by both parties, Rodin Legal can represent you in each phase of the transaction up to and including your closing.  Rodin Legal can draft all required closing documents and explain what you're signing before you sign anything.


Rodin Legal, LLC's services in this area

  • Preparing your deeds, contracts, bills or sale, and all other legal documents
  • Obtaining a title insurance policy for you from a reputable title insurer
  • Coordinating your escrow and closing services
  • Representing you in court or at arbitration in any real estate disputes 

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