Creditor's rights / collections law

Does somebody owe you money?  Does your business have outstanding accounts receivable because your clients or customers failed to pay invoices issued to them? Are you a landlord owed several months of back rent from a non-paying tenant?  Whatever your situation may be, as a creditor, you have certain rights.  You might have to go to court to assert those rights, and Rodin Legal can help.  


Rodin Legal can help you obtain a court judgment for the amount owed. Furthermore, Rodin Legal can navigate through the intricate procedures the law provides in order to collect on that judgment.  In addition to the principal amount owed, Rodin Legal may be able to secure other funds for you such as: court costs, interest, and fees.


Perhaps another law firm has already obtained a judgment in your favor, but you have not collected any money because that firm does not handle post-judgment collection work.  Rodin Legal will handle post-judgment collections. Moreover, if retained, Rodin Legal won't just consider a debtor 'judgment proof' until making a diligent inquiry into the debtor's true financial status.  If money is found that can be used to satisfy your judgment, Rodin Legal will motion the court to have it turned over to you.  


Rodin Legal, LLC's services in this area


  • Drafting and sending forceful demand letters while in compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Act
  • Filing a lawsuit and, if necessary, going to trial to win a judgment in your favor
  • Entering court-enforced installment orders to get your debtor paying early
  • Conducting citations to discover assets, third party citations, and wage deductions to both locate any money the debtor has (or is owed) and get that money turned over to you  

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